Top 10 Twitter Infographics of 2010

Twitter revealed some pretty interesting information about its demographics, content, accounts and other features this year, and many intrepid designers decided to put these facts and figures into infographics. We take a look at the top 10 Twitter infographics of 2010 below, in no particular order.

These infographics all shed some light on the year of growth, expansion and mainstream success that Twitter saw in 2010. To see the full infographic, click on the name of each.

A Year of Twitter: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Released mid-December 2010 by FlowTown, this infographic looks at Twitter in 2010, highlighting notable milestones in the microblogging service’s past year.

Facebook vs. Twitter

DigitalSurgeons compares the demographics of Facebook and Twitter in this informative infographic.

The Path to 10 Billion Tweets

This March 2010 infographic was created for Mashable, and follows the growth of Twitter up until its 10 billionth tweet that month.

Twitter Facts & Figures

Taking an overview approach, this April 2010 infographic examines everything from how many tweets are sent per day to the content of those tweets to demographics to the top celebrity Twitter users.

Twitter on Paper

Gerardo Obieta uses newly-revealed facts and figures about Twitter from the Chirp Developers Conference this past April to make this infographic.

The Meteoric Rise of Twitter

This infographic compares Twitter with Facebook and MySpace, provides a timeline of Twitter’s recent history, visualizes Twitter visualizers and more.

If You Printed Twitter…

What if you printed every tweet on Twitter? This infographic by asks and answers that question in an eye-opening, visually stunning way.

The History of Twitter’s Valuation

Twitip created this Twitter infographic to visualize the timeline of Twitter’s valuation, including taking a look at its angel investors, a timeline of its investments, and its rising valuation.

The Color of Twitter

Infochimps created this infographic to visualize the color-scheme that Twitter users have on their profile page – the default color is notably much larger than the rest.

Profile of a Twitter User

This infographic is inspired by Guy Kawasaki‘s 6 Twitter users, and created by NGO News.