This Week On Twitter: Corporate Social Media, Social Media Addiction And Twitter Dumps Tumblr

Need a little weekend reading? We’ve compiled our top ten Twitter stories of the week, which includes a look at the growth in corporate social media, how social media leads to social change, a checklist for social media addiction, news that Twitter has cutoff Tumblr and how your Twitter posts can help you land or lose a job.

Here are our top 10 Twitter stories of the week.

1. 93% Of U.S. Corporates Will Use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube For Social Marketing By 2014 [STUDY]

Almost nine in every ten U.S. companies of 100 employees or more will use social networking for marketing purposes this year, suggests a new study from eMarketer. This represents an eight percentage point gain on 2011, and a leap of some 31 percentage points since 2009, to current figures of 88 percent. The problem? With so little upside left, eMarketer expects growth of just three percentage points by 2014.

2. How Social Media Leads To Social Change [INFOGRAPHIC]

Did you know that almost three quarters (73 percent) of U.S. adults say that being involved in social change is personally important to them? The rapid advancement and growth of channels such as Twitter and Facebook has had a dramatic effect on our personal and professional lives, and, thanks to platforms such as Kickstarter, and Pencils Of Promise, both users and organizations have been empowered to advance social change in education, as well as fundraising for good causes and other worthy projects.

3. How Addictive Is Social Media? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Sure, you check Facebook a few times a day. You have a tab open with Twitter refreshing every few minutes. Your smartphone buzzes every time you’re tagged in an Instagram photo. But you’re not addicted! Social media has infiltrated your life, whether you like it or not. Take a look at this infographic to see if you’re in danger of becoming an addict.

4. First LinkedIn, Then Instagram, Now Tumblr… Who Will Twitter Shut The Door On Next?

Last month, Twitter shut down the Find Friends feature on Instagram, which let users of the latter service find and follow their Twitter contacts at the click of a button. Of course, this decision came a month after Twitter severed ties with LinkedIn. Now, Twitter has pulled the plug on a similar feature on Tumblr, which really begs the question: which platform, or platforms, are next in Twitter’s sights?

5. Your Twitter Posts Can Help You Land Or Lose A Job [INFOGRAPHIC]

Searching for a job right now? Hopefully you’re watching what you post on Twitter and Facebook! We’ve said this before, but a reminder is always timely – social media posts can help you land or lose a potential job. And FYI: You’ll probably never know if it had an affect either way!

6. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest And The B2B Social Marketing Universe [INFOGRAPHIC]

In less than a decade, business to consumer (B2C) social networking has quickly established itself as a proven and powerful marketing strategy for brands, empowering businesses of all shapes and sizes to raise awareness of products and services, drive traffic and generate leads and sales. Business to business (B2B) social marketing is, however, a very different beast that requires very different strategies. What works in your B2C campaign will likely fall flat when targeting clients and other brands, and marketers need to study which platforms are best for their B2B promotional needs.

7. A Closer Look At How Marketers Are Using Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

Did you know that almost half (44.4 percent) of marketers claim to have “advanced” or “expert” abilities in social media?Facebook (87.7 percent) and Twitter (82.7 percent) lead as the most popular social platforms, ahead of Google+ (54.9 percent), YouTube (48.9 percent) and LinkedIn (46.9 percent). Of note: new kid on the block (and still very wet-behind-the-ears) social pinboarding platform Pinterest is already being used by more than one in five marketing departments.

8. REVEALED: The 10 Most Tweeted CAPS LOCK Words On Twitter [INFOGRAPHIC]

We all make mistakes – and simply by writing this article we’ve increased the likelihood that we’ll make at least one glaring error by several magnitudes (aka, Muphry’s Law) – and it’s easy to excuse the odd typographic error or spelling glitch. But tweets sent ALL IN CAPITAL LETTERS can really grind your gears. So, which CAPS LOCKED words and phrases are tweeted most across Twitter?

9. Which Companies Have The Most Fake Followers On Twitter? [STUDY]

Last week a little app called Fakers by Status People was launched, allowing anyone to check out how many of their Twitter followers are real and how many are bots, spam or just plain fake. Business Insider liked the idea of testing for fakers, and took it one step further: they analysed the top companies on Twitter to see which ones were followed by the most fake accounts. Curious to see which big names in business are all fluff when it comes to Twitter? Read on for the results.

10. Why Smart Marketers Team Social With Email For Optimum Results [INFOGRAPHIC]

The rapid rise and integration of social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook has led many to believe that the tried-and-tested marketing channels of old, such as email, are, if not completely dead, then certainly on their last legs. Not so. Studies have shown that email still converts better than either search or social, and smart marketers should combine these tools for truly optimum results.

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