This Week On Twitter: Latest Twitter User Stats, Social SEO, Social Media Business Model

Need a little weekend reading? We’ve compiled our top ten Twitter stories of the week, which includes the latest Twitter user statistics from Pew Research, a look at why social media is important for SEO, a strategic business model for social media marketing, the growth of social media (and why this matters to marketers – and their clients) and a new feature from Twitter that asks you to welcome back your friends.

Here are our top 10 Twitter stories of the week.

1. Who Uses Twitter? 16% Of Internet Users, 18-29 Year Olds, Minorities, Men More Than Women [REPORT]

Pew Internet have updated their annual look at who is using Twitter and other social media sites. You may recall that last year15 percent of online adults were using everybody’s favourite micro-blogging social network, a small rise from 13 percent in 2011. And in 2013? 16 percent of internet users are active on Twitter, and the service still skews favourably towards black and hispanic users, adults aged 18-29, and folks who live in urban areas.

2. Content Is King, And Tweets Help Google Index It Faster [INFOGRAPHIC]

Have you heard the phrase “content is king”? According to SEO experts, the aphorism, though tired, is true. High-quality, search-friendly content enables businesses and brands to populate their websites with keywords and valuable info for visitors – and both are important to search success. The below infographic, “Why Content For SEO,” explores how content, and the social media promotion of that content, is key to search engine visibility.

3. Paid, Owned, Earned: A Strategic Business Model For Effective Social Media Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]

Making social media work for your brand takes planning, time and effort. It takes work. You need to put in the hours, and you have to implement a winning strategy – and stick with it. In many ways, a good social media campaign is somewhat like throwing a party. To mark the occasion, you need to decide on who you want to attend and when and where it will take place. You need to decide on a theme. You must establish clear goals and objectives and, critically, prepare the tools that will allow you to measure success.

4. The Growth Of Social Media And Why It Matters To Marketers [INFOGRAPHIC]

2012 was a huge year for social media – its biggest yet – with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and (gasp) Google+ all marching to record numbers of global active users. All of which, of course, is good news for social media marketers and their clients, who have invested heavily in these platforms. The smart money is still going into the pockets of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, but which of these thoroughbreds is winning the race?

5. Twitter Introduces ‘Welcome Back’ Friends Feature To Encourage Inactive Users To Stay

Over at the blog noted VC Fred Wilson has written about an interesting feature that he’s seen on his Twitter timeline this morning that encourages him to engage with a friend who has recently returned to Twitter after a period of inactivity. This is an interesting development from Twitter who, like all the major social networks, continuously struggles with the problem of retention of users, and this prompt could play a significant role in keeping people interested. After all, who doesn’t like getting a “welcome back” message from a friend?

6. Twitter Poses ‘Increasing Risk’ To Facebook, Says Analyst [REPORT]

Facebook’s future as an important social network, certainly in the business world, is under increasing pressure from Twitter, warns Richard Greenfield, media analyst at BTIG Research. Greenfield cites an important interview between David Fischer, Facebook’s VP of Business and Marketing Relationships, and Adam Lashinsky of Fortune, which took place Wednesday, as evidence. The interview wasn’t televised or available as a webcast, and nor did any notable discussion take place on Facebook. Instead, the audience of more than 500 immediately turned to Twitter to share their comments about the event.

7. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram And The Geosocial Universe [INFOGRAPHIC]

Social media went mobile in 2012 – almost half of all U.S. social media users now access platforms such as Twitter and Facebook via their phones – and social networking sites that have been unable to capitalise and build upon this shift have suffered. Indeed, yesterday Twitter revealed data that suggested that itsmobile users are perhaps its most important users, inasmuch as they’re far more likely to be active on Twitter throughout the day. Facebook aggressively responded to criticism about its perceived ineffectiveness in mobile after its IPO last year, and almost two-thirds of its more than one billion users now access Facebook on their devices. So what about everybody else?

8. Twitter Bought As Many Companies As Cisco In 2012

2012 was the biggest year for private tech company acquisitions since 2009. And Twitter was totally up in it. A new report from research firm PrivCo reveals the details.

9. The Rise Of Multi-Screen Multi-Tasking [INFOGRAPHIC]

When you watch TV, do you also have your smartphone out? Or maybe your laptop? When you’re browsing the Internet on your computer, do you also have your cellphone nearby to answer text messages or check an app? You’re far from alone. According to an infographic created by Uberflip, there has been a steep rise in multi-screen multi-tasking of late.

10. Vine: What A Six-Second Video Can Do For Business

Most of us are already aware of the new six-second video app, Vine, but not much has been said on how businesses can use this new tool to communicate with target audiences. Aside from many B2B and B2C companies flip-flopping on whether or not there is value in using it, there are some who have identified great potential in the app’s uses.

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