This Week On Twitter: 5 Retweet Tips, Top 50 Most Retweeted, 120 Marketing Tips For Blogs

This Week On Twitter: 5 Retweet Tips, Top 50 Most Retweeted, 120 Marketing Tips For Blogs

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We’ve compiled our top ten Twitter stories of the week, which includes 5 quick and easy Twitter tips to get more retweets, a look at the top 50 people most retweeted by B2B marketers, news that social media has been rated the most important marketing tool for the next 3 years, 120 marketing tips for new blogs and a visual that follows the history of Twitter from its first-ever tweet to September 12 IPO filing.

Here are our top 10 Twitter stories of the week.

1. 5 Quick And Easy Twitter Tips To Get More Retweets

It’s the same old question everybody has been asking since way back: how do you get more retweets on Twitter? Answer: you have to make an effort. You can’t put any old junk out there and expect your followers to automatically pass it on. You have to strive to make everything readable and retweetable. It’s different for celebrities. Their fans will blindly share any old dross. But for common or garden folk like you and me, generating retweets takes time, and it takes work. You have to put in the effort. Each and every time.

2. Top 50 People Most Retweeted By B2B Marketers [REPORT]

B2B social marketing agency LeadTail has followed up on their recent report analyzing the Twitter activity of 515 B2C marketers with a new study packed with social media insights into the patterns and behaviors of B2B marketing decision makers. In collaboration with DNN Software, LeadTail discovered which social networks B2B marketers are active on, what they’re talking about, what media sources they’re consuming, and more.

3. Social Media Rated Most Important Marketing Tool Over Next 3 Years (But Barely) [STUDY]

A lot can change in three years. Back in 2010, Twitter was a relative minnow compared to the global communications and media powerhouse, sitting on the verge of a closely-watched IPO, that it has become today. Three years ago, Facebook had about one-third of the number of users that it has today. As of right now, both of these platforms dominate social media, and social media marketing. But what about three years from now?

4. 120 Marketing Tips For New Blogs [INFOGRAPHIC]

So you’ve setup a new blog. Congratulations! Now, how do you promote it?

5. The History Of Twitter [INFOGRAPHIC]

In honor of Twitter’s impending IPO, Mashable created an infographic to depict the entire history of the game-changing social network from Jack Dorsey’s history-making first-ever tweet in 2006 to its September 12 IPO filing.

6. Who Are Twitter’s 218 Million Users? [GRAPHIC]’s Joy of Tech comic series took Twitter’s reveal that it has 218 million active users and ran with it. The graphic below breaks down the sectors those users (supposedly) fall into.

7. Twitter Influences Same-Day Revenue More Than Facebook And Email [REPORT]

New research from Boston-based restaurant social media company Privy demonstrates that people on Twitter are more interested in being influenced to spend money. From tracking how effective their clients’ online marketing campaigns are at driving in-store revenue over two years, the Privy team found that Twitter surprisingly outweighs both Facebook and e-mail marketing in actually leading to sales

8. Twitter Has No Female Board Members – How Do Other Tech Giants Compare? [STUDY]

Twitter has 2,000 employees, but no women on its board. I first made this observation almost a year ago to the day, but the story has received a lot more attention this week, first when the New York Times pointed out that it could be a potential problem as Twitter heads into its IPO, and then when Twitter CEO Dick Costolo made a bit of a daft statement in response. So how does Twitter’s all-singing, all-dancing, all-male lineup compare to other giants in the tech space? Gawker crunched the numbers.

9. 70% Of TV Tweets Sent During Program, Only 30% During Commercials [INFOGRAPHIC]

Nielsen’s Social Guide wanted to figure out exactly when during TV shows people are tweeting. Is it during commercial breaks when they have a breather to pick up their phone or tablet? During the climax of an episode when there’s the most to weigh in about? Does genre affect tweet times?

10. How Profitable Is Twitter (Compared To Facebook, Google, LinkedIn And Others)? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Here’s an incredible statistic for you: Google’s 2012 gross revenue was an eye-opening $50.1 billion. The company had 44,777 folks on its roster last year, so this equates to more than a million dollars ($1,120,553) of revenue per employee. Not bad. So how does Twitter compare? Last year, Twitter’s 2,000 staff members tallied $317 million in gross revenue, which breaks down to $158,500 per person. In terms of profit, however, Twitter actually posted a loss in 2012, so each Twitter employee “lost” $40,000 overall. Only Zynga had a worse year amongst the top tech firms.

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