This Week On Twitter: Twitter vs Facebook vs Email, Twitter vs Pinterest And Twitter vs Your Boss

Need a little weekend reading? We’ve compiled our top ten Twitter stories of the week, which includes how Twitter is more effective than Facebook for purchase power (but both lag well behind email), how to fix the mentions bug on Twitter for iPhone, tips on improving your profile picture, why wealthy smartphone owners don’t have time for Twitter and why tweeting at work might get your into trouble.

Here are our top 10 Twitter stories of the week.

1. Twitter More Effective Than Facebook For Driving Sales, But Email Still King, Says Report [STUDY]

A new study has revealed that while just 7 percent of UK consumers have followed a brand on Twitter, almost one-third (32 percent) of them have said they are more likely to buy from the company after following them on the micro-blogging platform. This compares favourably with Facebook. While more consumers overall (45 percent) have Liked a brand on the social networking giant, less than a quarter (24 percent) have stated that by doing so they are more likely to purchase.

2. Are Your Mentions Not Updating On Twitter For iPhone? Here’s How To Get Replies Working Again

If you’re one of many using Twitter’s official iPhone app, you’ll likely have noticed that your @mentions have not been updating properly over the past couple of days, with many users seeing no new updates at all in their Connect folder. This is obviously very frustrating. Twitter is aware of the bug and working on a permanent solution. In the meantime, here’s how to resolve the issue yourself.

3. How A Bad Profile Pic Can Damage Your Personal Brand [INFOGRAPHIC]

Whether you like it or not, you are building a personal brand the moment you sign up for Twitter. Your username, the content of your tweets, your bio… everything comes together to give your followers a snapshot image of who you are. And there’s no clearer image than your actual profile picture. If your profile pic isn’t up to snuff, you’re likely (inadvertently) damaging your personal brand. Here’s what to avoid when showing off your pearly whites to your followers, to keep your brand intact.

4. Wealthy Smartphone Users Just Don’t Have Time For Twitter [STUDY]

Maybe it’s because they’re managing all of their many assets using the latest apps, or they’re too busy booking first-class tickets to their next sun-soaked vacation, but wealthy smartphone users seem to simply have no time to string together 140 characters and hit “tweet”.

5. The Social Harvest – How Nonprofits Are Finding Value On Twitter And Facebook [INFOGRAPHIC]

Blackbaud, NTEN and Common Knowledge have released their Nonprofit Social Network Benchmark Report, an annual analysis of how nonprofits are using platforms such as Twitter and Facebook to raise awareness and drive value.

6. If You Tweet At Work, There’s A 47% Chance Your Boss Is Ticked Off

A new survey suggests that bosses are becoming increasingly annoyed at their employees’ Twitter habits. And it doesn’t help that they think Twitter is pulling their employees away from their work during company time.

7. Pinterest Is Third Most Popular Social Network, Behind Twitter And Facebook [REPORT]

Pinterest is the social network with all the buzz these days, and it sounds like all the attention is warranted: a new study from Experian suggests that Pinterest is the third most popular social network, just behind Twitter and Facebook.

8. You Are What You Tweet

Everything you do, and everything you say on Twitter reflects how the rest of us see YOU as a person. It isn’t about all those links you share, it isn’t about how often you retweet your friends, and it certainly isn’t about how many followers you have. It’s about how you behave.

9. Can Social Media Help You Find A Job? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Did you know that in 2012, companies are anticipated to use social media to source potential hires for over 80 percent of their job openings? Almost all recruiters are using one or more of the top social networks to target candidates – LinkedIn leads the way by some distance, with 98 percent favouring this platform (and some 94.5 percent of those have made successful hires using this channel), ahead of Twitter (42 percent) and Facebook (33 percent).

10. To Succeed On Twitter, Don’t Act Like OMGPOP’s CEO

There’s a lesson to be learned from others’ failures, and we’ve got a big one for you here. The CEO of OMGPOP – made famous in recent weeks by their hugely successful Draw Something app and their recent acquisition by Zynga – lashed out at a non-conforming employee on Twitter, drawing criticism and scorn from the gaming community and Twitter users over the weekend. The lesson? Keep your ultra-negative thoughts to yourself, or at least to internally-circulated memos. Don’t tweet in anger.

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