Revealed: Twitter’s Top 10 Biggest Tweeters

Back in October 2009 I wrote an article that took a look at the top 10 most prolific tweeters on Twitter. At that time the runaway leader was @Market_JP, a news feed for stories related to the Japanese stock market, with a heady 1,560,818 tweets, over a million ahead of the rest of the field.

But that was a long time ago. Who rules the roost now?

How things have changed. Here are Twitter’s all-time top 10 tweeters, ranked by total number of submissions.

1. @InternetRadio (2,020,292 tweets, 500 followers, 1,519 tweets per day)

@InternetRadio, which collects links from which gathers songs broadcast on internet radio stations around the world, was a lowly fifth place when I checked these stats last time. For its overall total @InternetRadio is far and away the number one tweeting machine on Twitter, pumping out a tweet a minute, 24 hours a day. Amazingly, @InternetRadio’s daily average is only good enough for third place overall.

2. @Market_JP (1,560,781 tweets, 156 followers, 14,724 tweets per day)

I screwed up @Market_JP’s stats last time, as I hadn’t noticed that the account hadn’t updated since March 18, 2008. In just 106 days @Market_JP blasted out 1,560,781 tweets for a ridiculous 14,724 tweets per day. Not sure why they stopped – maybe Twitter closed ‘em down – but how those 156 followers coped is anyone’s guess. That’s a tweet every six seconds, for Dorsey’s sake. In terms of any kind of average you can think of, @Market_JP was the tweet beast of Twitter.

3. @CombatSI (1,047,920 tweets, 217 followers, 1,635 tweets per day)

Another account with a big daily average that hasn’t updated since November 2010. Provided “real-time updates from the C:SI combat system in Second Life”. As guess as that died a death, so did the need for this.

4. @DragToTop (1,034,972 tweets, 2,323 followers, 1,385 tweets per day)

DragToTop is “a search engine that allows you to organize the web with a single click or a drag”. Yeah, I’ve never heard of it either. Still, that’s a daily big daily average for that high a number of followers.

5. @notiven (994,960 tweets, 6,179 followers, 695 tweets per day)

By some way, @notiven has the highest number of followers of anyone in the top ten.

6. @firmenanzeige (951,487 tweets, 54 followers, 1,328 tweets per day)

This German account broadcasts updates from, but if you check the data, nobody actually seems to be reading them.

7. @Nieuwslijstnl (901,832 tweets, 440 followers, 1,116 tweets per day)

News from Holland, and broadcast from Amsterdam at an astonishing rate… although not as often as when I wrote about them last time (2,126 tweets per day).

8. @ATNews (851,130 tweets, 179 followers, 683 tweets per day)

An Austrian news feed.

9. @ThinkingStiff (790,953 tweets, 1,623 followers, 957 tweets per day)

This little charmer looks to have been swearing their way into the number one spot on Thankfully, updates have ceased since April. Of interest is that @ThinkingStiff is the only real person in this top 10 – that is, someone actually manually submitting their own tweets. The rest are bots/automatic feeds. This, of course,  makes (or made) @ThinkingStiff the number one most-prolific living user on Twitter.

10. @Aviongoo (757,624 tweets, 293 followers, 757 tweets per day)

L inks to, an ‘Aircraft market information site for aviation professionals’. Apart from that, I have no idea.

Of course, it goes without saying that tweeting prolifically rarely (if ever) equates to a feed worth following. Certainly at these numbers. Quality over quantity, and all that.

As with anything of this kind, this list is subject to change, but was accurate at the time of writing. Check back again in a year or two when I’ll likely be taking a fresh look at the data.

(Source: Twitaholic. Image Source: Rizwan Ashraf.)