Top 10 Reasons Facebook Went Down

Facebook definitely went down this morning which is a rare occasion for the fast growing social network. Each minute the site is down, the company loses close to 200 new users. The site went down for at least a few minutes. Here are the 10 reasons we came up with that the site went down:

  1. What no whale? – Twitter always comes up with an image that shows whales and birds. Plurk uses an image of the A-Team with Mr. T. Displaying a catchy image has become a standard for the industry but not even Facebook has one. I guess they expect total uptime.
  2. Trying a new minimalist design – Their friends at Twitter suggested a new minimalist design. Apparently “down is the new black.”
  3. It’s not really down … Zuckerberg just saw what YOU wrote about him and he’s blocking you…
  4. Facebook tried to add @ replies to status updates the same way Twitter does. FAIL!
  5. The poke war of 2008 came to a climax and exploded Facebook’s servers.
  6. U.S. Airways baggage employees stole the front page while flying through Philadelphia.
  7. The servers went down because we had nothing else to write about!
  8. Facebook wanted to give people something to write about because they hadn’t been getting enough press recently.
  9. Twitter acquired Facebook and transferred them to their servers.
  10. You typed the wrong URL