Top 10 Free iPhone Apps For News Junkies

Mary Ward
Special to WebNewser

These top 10 free iPhone apps for news junkies will help you to stay informed at all times. There is a lot going on in the world and you shouldn’t have to miss any of it. Check out these apps to find out just how informed you can be.

Stitcher Radio

As the title implies, this app allows you to sort of stitch together audio samples from a variety of news programs. You can easily move from one program to the next to fill your need for more news.

AP News

This app gives you access to the Associated Press and coverage of news from all over the world as it happens. You will never be behind on the latest news with this app.


This iPhone app gives you access to news the way only the NY Times can provide it. With such a trusted news source at your fingertips, you can believe that reliable news is always available.

USA Today

This app gives you access to the biggest headlines anytime you wish to check them. This allows for you to grasp news at-a-glance.

News Addict

This app is just as it sounds. It relays breaking news to you anytime, anywhere and is perfect if you are genuinely addicted to the news.

NPR Mobile

NPR Mobile is your home for radio new broadcasts. You can find any NPR show that you desire by looking for the program name or radio personality. Using this app, you can search for images too. You can even go directly to a specific show segment if you do not wish to listen to an entire radio broadcast.

Pocket Express

This news app allows you to check on your news interests one category at a time. World news, sports, and economics are all readily available to you with this app. The wealth of news topics offered allows you to turn to Pocket Express to satisfy your need for news.

Fox News UReport

This app actually allows you to take newsworthy, or not so newsworthy, photos and send them in to Fox News for consideration. You may get a photo on the air or you may just share your favorite images with Fox News. Either way, you will be a part of the action.

ShowBiz Report

When you are tired of global economic crises then turn to ShowBiz Report. You can keep up with the latest news in the world of entertainment. It is your way to keep up with celebrities and their shenanigans.

My News

This app allows you to receive headlines related to your specific areas of interest. Instead of having to sort through every news headline that comes along, you can zero in on those that are most likely to grab your attention.

These top 10 free iPhone apps for news junkies can help keep anyone updated on current events. If you need to know everything then these apps can get you that much closer. There is always news happening somewhere and with these apps you don’t have to miss out on a second of it.

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