Top 10 Best Gifting Games on Facebook

Yes, yes, so many games on Facebook let you share gifts, but some are far more fun than others for whatever reason. The range is pretty broad – ranging from things you can do to them, send to them, ask of them, or anything that is just way too funny..

So, how do you want to mess with your friends? What kind of gifts do you want to give? Seeing as how there are thousands of different apps with thousands more gifts and social capabilities, it is impossible to find everything, but here are our Top 10 favorites, but by all means post yours too.

10. Send Kawaii-ness! – That’s Japanese for “cute”
Okay, okay, yes, it is a standard gift sharing program, but the gifts are so incredibly cute. Definitely stemming from the anime style from Japan, these adorable critters…err food… ah…what exactly are some of these?

Anyway, these are great gifts for your female friends, if they like the cute sort of thing. Of course, if you know anyone into anime and what not, they would get a kick out of this as well. Leave it to the Japanese to make ninja nigiri (that’s raw fish on top of rice for those of you with less exotic food tastes) and to make it cute on top of that.

9. Bumper Sticker – Just Plain Funny
This repository of user created bumper stickers is a fantastic gift that just makes people laugh. Granted, you can’t really “mess” with your friends in this app: Or can you? There are so many bumper stickers to browse and send that there is almost always something that applies to one of their habits, nuances, or quirks. Of course, even if you don’t find something perfect for them, you’ll get a good laugh looking for one.

8. LOLcats – Silly kitties
Based on the popular blog, I Can Haz Cheezburger, this little app lets you send some of the most viral images you have ever seen. For those unfamiliar with the blog, LOLcats are pictures of cats and other various animals in the strangest situations with super imposed captions on them. Of course, you need to earn “cat points” to send them, but that’s neither here nor there.

If you don’t know what a LOLcat is, then it is a morale imperative you click one of these two links now. Go on, do it… now. Assuming you came back, these may not constitute as messing with your friends, but the are fun gifts nonetheless.

7. Pass a Drink – I’m not as think as you drunk I am…
Sending drinks may not seem like much (unless you’re a closet alcoholic), but what makes this game great is the fact that it links to a “Drunk-o-Meter” on your profile. Sending your friends drinks gets them…. well… drunk, and if they keep drinking, they eventually “blackout.” No, you’re not going to find out what that means here, you’ll have to try the game. Oh, and the sake bomb comes recommended.

6. Food Fling! – Foooooood Fight!!!
Self-explanatory, right? You’ve all seen them in the movies and on television, and some of you may have been involved in them as a kid. The game play mechanic is simple enough in this app: Pick a friend, fling some food, and see if they retaliate. If they don’t, you win – simple as that.

What makes this game nice though is that you get to choose what you throw. You can use anything from pizza to mom’s homemade stew. In and of itself, it’s pretty standard, but it unique enough to warrant a little imagination and get into the action. As long as none of it gets in your hair, of course.

5. Owned/Friends For Sale! – Love Me!
These two come together because they are basically the same game. Nonetheless, it’s great fun to put a price tag on your friend’s head. Of course, the prospect of just sending friend’s as gifts isn’t much of a way to mess with them. It’s up to the players to find out the best way to do so, but the game does give them the tools. Maybe you can feed or hurt their ego with how much they are worth, maybe you refuse to accept them as a gift? Regardless of what you choose to do, these two apps allow for some really fun gift sending.

4. Kidnap! – Burlap Sack Anyone?
The whole point of this game is to kidnap your friends. You play the game by kidnaping each other and attempting to figure out where you have been taken. In order to escape you have to answer various questions about the location and getting them right earns you points in which you can use to kidnap others in different ways.

Of course, when you are kidnaped, there isn’t much you can do, so it is a great way to mess with your friends who also play this game. Well, that’s sort of the point anyway. Regardless, while they all do the same thing, the methods of kidnaping are entertaining as well, ranging from a burlap sack to giant fly paper.

0px;3. Kickmania! – A Swift Kick in the Ass
Put your friend’s face on a crash dummy and kick its ass. It is incredible fun to beat the snot out of your friends as they flail and crash through bombs, walls, and bounce along the ground. What makes it even better though is if you kick them hard and far enough you “own” their ass and they get sent the message, and if you so choose, you can send them the replay of their royal ass kicking. Of course, doing so will most likely provoke some revenge, but it’s good fun either way.

2. Fable II – Dirty Deeds
So will you choose to be good or evil? Let’s be honest, being good isn’t nearly as much fun as being evil, and one of the main points of this game is to level up your alignment by completing quests to earn money and using that money to perform “deeds” on your friends.

The good deeds are all fine, but the dirty deeds are the best ones to mess with your friends. What other game lets you perform deeds to your friends like “bottom blast in [their] face” or post their picture in drag on the local pub wall? None, that’s who. Of course, doing so will often call for a counter deed, so be on your toes when you choose to do so.

1. SuperPoke! – I’m not touching you, I’m not touching you, I’m not touching you
One of the more classic and older applications on Facebook. This guy has everything you could think of to do to your friends. You can be nice to them yes, but the game has so much more to it than that: You can dropkick them, pinch, poke, spank (oh, frisky), and pretty much anything else you can think of. For all intents and purposes, you are virtually reaching out and touching someone, or slapping, or kissing, or…. you get the point. There aren’t many games that imply a physical interaction as a gift. Of course, if you know the person for real, don’t mess with them too much or you might get a dropkick for real.