Tools Round Up: Twitter for Newsrooms, Cision, Facebook Perks, and More

Twitter has launched Twitter for Newsrooms (#TfN), which provides all sorts of guides and resources on topics like “effective tweeting,” “branding,” and search. Ideally it’s a resource for journalists, editors, and the like. But it provides bits of info that could be useful for anyone reaching out to an audience with news and information. And there are details about how the media is using Twitter.

Cision has released the 2011 Holiday Gift Guide of media contact and editorial calendar information. The guide is available to anyone using CisionPoint and Cision Media Database. Cision is also offering a free “briefing book” containing influencers and top editorial calendar opportunities across North America, available here.

A social media marketing startup called Involver has launched a Facebook system that allows access to gated brand pages based on Klout score. Audi USA is the first brand to test it out. [via Mashable]

Foursquare celebrated its 10,000,000 user by introducing foursquare 3.2 for the iPhone, which promises faster check-ins. The site is also promising updates for Android and Blackberry users coming soon. With $50 million in new funding, they’ve got the cash for some nice upgrades.

Business Wire has launched mobile sites for its NewsHQ online newsroom and InvestorHQ IR site. These sites are add-ons for customers that will also collect data about the activity on those mobile sites. If you’re interested, you can click on those respective website links for more detail.