Too Many Wall Solutions

I recently received an email from one of my blog readers notifying me that I hadn’t covered any of the wall applications on Facebook. I didn’t cover them because I personally didn’t find them to be that useful. Apparently though, there are over 1 million people that think their wall feature set is not big enough. To whoever wrote me that email, hopefully this post will suffice. I have to be honest though, I am perfectly satisfied with my existing wall and will not be adding any of these applications.

  • Wall Brawl – This one is one of the only walls that I’ve seen with a pretty cool feature set. Wall Brawl enables users to promote the music that they listen to. Additionally there is an hourly chart that displays the top artists being promoted across Facebook. With only 80 users of this application, I have a feeling that the chart is not very long. If this application grows its user base, it could be a pretty slick app. If you want to give this wall a shot go grab Wall Brawl.
  • Advanced Wall – Advanced wall is unique in that it gives users the same feature set as a typical forum. I’m guessing that this is simply a version of TinyMCE, but maybe I’m wrong. As of now over 12,000 users are enjoying the features of Advanced Wall. If you would like to place html on people’s profile (and try to mess it up), go grab the Advanced Wall application.
  • Friend Wall – Are you such a big MySpace fan that you are trying to bring the same beautiful interface to Facebook? Wait no longer because now you can add a similar Friend Wall as you have on your MySpace account to your Facebook profile. Dylan Spencer James worked until the early hours to let you bring the beauty of MySpace to Facebook. If you are a big MySpace fan then go grab the Friend Wall.
  • Emotion Wall – Emotion wall is pretty simple. Thanks to Csaba Márton of Hungary you can now place emoticons on your Emotion wall as well as post private messages to your friends’ emotion walls. I’ll leave it at that because I’m getting a little teary-eyed. If you like to get emotional go grab the Emotion Wall.
  • Classic Wall – Apparently your friends used to be able to edit and vandalize your wall, according to Dan Tilden the developer of Classic Wall. I don’t remember those days but thanks to Dan we are bringing them back. Classic wall is a wikified version of a wall. Anyone can come along and edit it. The revisions are also tracked by the wall. Want to make your wall wikified? Go grab the Classic Wall.
  • Super Wall – I guess I’m saving the best for last, or at least that’s what close to 1 million people would probably argue. Super wall allows you to attach photos and videos to your wall. I have to be honest, this is pretty slick. This is another one of RockYou’s applications. Looks like they are doing pretty well. If you want to allow people to post videos and pictures to your profile, go grab the Super Wall.

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