Tony Snow: The Drinking Game


Just in time for graduation weeks around the country, our FishbowlDC bretheren have pulled together as compelling a media drinking game since the Fox Baseball-Tim McCarver-“In my view” Game during the 2001 World Series (“In my view [drink] Bernie Williams needs to get a hit here”). That is, Tony Snow: The Drinking Game.

In particular, we enjoyed these selected rules:

Take a sip when Snow …

  • Defers a question to a Cabinet spokesperson.

    Take two sips if Snow …

  • Says something along the lines of “When I was a journalist…”
  • Evades a question about telephone lists.

    Chug if he …

  • Calls on Les Kinsolving to get out of a tight spot.
  • And we don’t even know who that is, but we’ll drink to him.

    Tony Snow: The Drinking Game [FishbowlDC]