Tons of Flickr Apps

Flickr-Facebook IconWe already covered a Flickr application on this site but it seems like there are many more people that are taking a shot at launching their own version of a Flickr application. As Mashable covered this morning, Dustin Mierau of Stanford has launched a Facebook application that you can check out here. The Flickr application that was featured on Mashable this morning is very similar to the previous application that we featured on this blog.

Another Flickr application launched today is called zuPort: Flickr. zuPort helps mashup your existing photo album with your existing Facebook album. This enables visitors to see all of your photos in one spot. If you would like to add zuPort then go grab the application.

Unfortunately, none of these applications are the official Flickr application. I have a feeling that this will increasingly become an issue. As developers race to develop the latest version of an application for other open source/web 2.0 sites, there will be a number of similar applications that will appear making it difficult to determine which is the best or which is the official application. I’m sure that someone will soon find a way to effectively aggregate all of the Facebook applications and determine which ones are the best.