At Home With Tommy Vietor: a ‘Hot Free Agent’

The chains are off. Tommy Vietor is out of the White House as National Security Spokesman and transitioning into a brand new consulting job with President Obama‘s former speechwriter Jon Favreau and Ben Schwerin, a former aide to President Bill Clinton. With their firm, Fenway Strategies, Vietor is managing his own press and getting cozy with the media in a whole new way. So much so that he allowed a reporter and camera crew into his apartment or “home office” as the reporter puts it.

Why not let a reporter into your home? Oh right, here’s maybe why not.

“Could Tommy Vietor be a bigger douche?” a FishbowlDC reader writes in reaction to the intriguing interview Bloomberg White House Correspondent Hans Nichols did with him.

Seven things to observe about the interview 1. Tommy drinks French press coffee.

2. He has a white iPhone.

3. You can use a white iPhone. You can use a French press. But, you can NEVER use them together. That’s how rumors get started.

4. He could use some new throw pillows. He could also stand a visit from famed decorator Nate Berkus as his place looks a little like a post college frat house.

5. The fake tweeting thing. The fake coffee thing. It’s just all so b-roll FAKE.

6. A little groanworthy on losing his security clearance: “It’s the worst, man. … Losing that for a person who is intellectually curious is tough.”

7. He’s so wanted by the cable networks that the footage shows a black Town Car picking him up outside his home. “Instead of flying to foreign countries on Air Force I, he’s chauffeured around town for cable appearances,” Nichols announces during the interview.