Tom Dixon Talks Chairs, Chairs and More Chairs


Also cashing in on the “remember how much you were talking about me a couple weeks ago?” comes Tom Dixon. Following his great lightbulb giveaway, he’s back at it for the Dover Street Market in the UK. This time, he’s working to put together an exhibition for the Market with the 75 year old Artek, pulling out all of their chairs to show what the company produced, as well as what’s in its collection. In short, if you want to read one thing about modern chairs, this interview with Wallpaper about the project is the one to read. Here’s a bit:

So it was a project you had in mind for a while?

It’s a project we’ve been doing for a while at Artek and when it came to showing it off, we wanted to get away from the usual trade fair or furniture retail shop to try and recontextualise it. I think that’s what Dover Street Market does particularly well: bring out collaborations on different ideas beyond fashion. And I want to talk about different ideas beyond furniture, so it’s a very good platform here to do that. And plus I like the cakes.