Tom Cruise would be very angry, if he weren’t in complete mastery of his inner life

bs91.jpgRadarOnline reports that Pat Kingsley has agreed to represent Brooke Shields, who publicly sparred with former Kingsley client Tom Cruise over her endorsement of psychiatric and pharmacological treatment for postpartum depression. To what extent is this move Cruise-related? Accounts differ:

sources close to Shields note that she swapped publicists days before she was scheduled to appear on Oprah to rebut Cruise’s comments. “She thought, “If I’m going to do Oprah, I want to do it right,” claims a source close to Shields. “And nobody knows how to deal with Tom Cruise better than Pat.” Kingsley denies that her contretemps with Cruise played any part in her decision to represent the actress. “I know where you’re going with this, and it’s not really the case,” says Kingsley. “Those two dots don’t connect. The situation with Tom Cruise is over. She is going on with her life, and I’m sure he’s going on with his.”