Tom Cruise and Scientology Recruit Federal Judge: Florida Source

tcruise222.jpgPeter Letterese’s ongoing battle with the Church of Scientology and poster boy Tom Cruise is coming to a head with the allegations flying in both directions.

A Florida-based legal source, who loves to gossip about it, but is unwilling to reveal even his name, has this to say about the skirmish:

Federal Bankruptcy Judge John K. Olson in Florida seems to have “become a Scientologist,” whether he knows it or not.

An appeal filed Thursday in Ft. Lauderdale Federal Bankruptcy Court says that Judge Olson has defied long-standing statutes and nearly a dozen precedents in federal bankruptcy decisions that ultimately help Scientology.

scientology.jpgAccording to many who have managed to escape the controversial cult what Scientology “does” to people in an earlier era, would be referred to as hypnotic brainwashing. And, here Cruise and Scientology seem to have perfected how to do it to an otherwise trusted and respected Federal jurist through a Miami Law Firm, Adorno & Yoss.

More below:

Local observers with knowledge of Olson’s reputation and history, on condition of anonymity, say they have never seen either Judge Olson or any Bankruptcy Court judge act so consistently one-sidedly in any Chapter 11 Bankruptcy matter, in this case resulting in a forced conversion to Chapter 7 and loss of counsel by the Debtor.

Letterese is the $265 Million RICO Plaintiff who has sued Tom Cruise as one of the two top leaders of (and along with) what he has termed “The International Scientology Economic Hate Crime Syndicate.”

The former Scientologist claims that the Church has been trying to destroy him and his company financially — all to avoid paying tens of millions in unpaid royalties dating back to 1971, to an author’s estate for whom he has acted as exclusive worldwide agent beginning in 1994.

Letterese’s CDI Corp.’s Appeal Brief of Nov. 20, 2008 [see document a filed in Federal Court] alleges more than a dozen instances of Olson’s Bankruptcy Court having abused its discretion when it “converted CDI Corp.’s Chapter 11 Bankruptcy to a Chapter 7 proceeding against the expressed wishes of the Debtor [CDI] and prior to allowing the Debtor to present any reorganization plan whatsoever (which under the Bankruptcy Code, the Debtor had four months to prepare).”

Letterese’s appeal brief enumerates how the Court did not conduct a full evidentiary hearing, nor did it review the lone asset of the debtor. That would be Letterese’s persistent litigation against Cruise and the Church.

Letterese alleges that the Court failed to give due consideration to CDI’s overall position. The Court, listening to Scientology attorney Alan Perlman, says the Appeal Brief has ignored fact after fact and therefore, has an incomplete picture of the Debtor’s situation and an even more skewed understanding of the Debtor’s actions and motives. Or maybe not.

Maybe Scientology really just brainwashed a sitting Federal Judge like ex-members have documented they do to “all their parishioners.”

The net effect according to CDI Corp.’s papers is that Judge Olson is, in effect, running interference for Scientology and against Letterese, crippling his ability to bring his RICO case before Judge William J. Zloch, the life-tenured Federal District Court Judge to whom the case was assigned in July of this year.

Bankruptcy Judge Olson has halted the RICO case in its tracks until 2009 and hog-tied Letterese by further targeting his lawyer for sanctions without ever alleging either violations of law or legal professional ethics.

Now comes Cruise’s Christmas Day release, “Valkyrie.” Asked if he thinks moviegoers should shun the film given the illegal actions his complaint alleges have been done by Cruise, Letterese offers an unexpected reply: “I want everyone to go see it.”

Since, reportedly, Tom Cruise has $100 million riding on its success, it may be the best indicator of how much of a threat Letterese’s RICO action may present to the defendants Cruise, Scientology leader David Miscavige and he Church will go to mask a real conspiracy by mounting the worldwide release of a movie about a nearly 60-year-old conspiracy of World War II.