Todd and Sarah Palin Revisit People

palinpage1.jpgSarah Palin is making a second appearance in People (they point do out that this is not the Sarah Palin of five weeks ago!) in what is turning out to be Sarah Palin Embraces the Media week! (Lately she’s been speaking more frequently with the press and even has an interview with heretofore ignored NBC anchor Brian Williams lined up).

In the layout Palin and snow machine-riding husband Todd chat about the pressures of the campaign trail as well as who Palin would like to see playing Todd along side Tina Fey (answer: Tim McGraw). Also Palin defends her reading habits: “I’m a voracious reader. Always have been. I appreciate a lot of information.” Currently she’s reading “heh heh, a lot of briefing papers” [emphasis theirs]. And for fun? The Looming Tower. However turns out she can’t actually attest to whether Obama is a nice guy or not cause she’s never met him [emphasis ours]. Later in the interview Palin also addresses the issue of her daughter’s teenage pregnancy.

[There was] just a very quick acknowledgment that Bristol and her fiance would have to grow up a lot quicker. But she is quite mature, very kindhearted, and a very strong woman. She’s also an old soul who’s beyond and desire to be out there partying. It will all be good.

People also asks Palin about her views on birth control (by the way, has anyone else noticed we are getting good interviews lately in strange places? First McCain on Letterman and now this). When asked about abstinence vs. contraception she said: “Well both. Ideally abstinence. But we have not been ones to say that students should not know what prevention measures are all about.” The issue hits stands Friday.