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Washington Post: Something About Sarah

Washington Examiner: Obama and the Softening of America

N.Y. Times: Editorial: Barack Obama for President

L.A. Times: Palin appointed friends and donors to key posts in Alaska, records show

USA Today: Presidential poll tracker

Politico: Blame game: GOP forms circular firing squad

ABC News: Exclusive: Obama Explains Why His Campaign Will Wait for ‘Toot’

CBS News: Poll: Obama Maintains Double-Digit Lead

CNN: Commentary: Candidates should seek votes of Muslim-Americans

Wall Street Journal: Opinion: 43% Isn’t Nothing

MSNBC: Wall Street plunges on recession fears

Congressional Quarterly: Republicans Use ‘Anti-American’ Charge on House Floor as Well as Campaign Trail

NPR: NPR Poll: Obama Has 11-Point Lead In Swing States

Roll Call: Heard on the Hill: Lee Doesn’t Want to Be Ayered