Today’s Most Popular Stories 08.26.10

Each day, Ashley Estill surfs your sites for the most popular stories of the day. Here are the top headlines for August 26, 2010:

Washington Post: Beck rally will be a measure of ‘tea party’ strength

Washington Times: 6 Sunni fighters killed in ambush in Iraq

Washington Examiner: Environmental Protection Agency considering a ban on lead ammunition

USA Today: Abandoned boats litter waters in tough economy

CQ Politics: FEC Approves Early Recount Spending

The Hill: Conservative Dem lawmaker jokes about Speaker Pelosi dying

Politico: Democrats privately fear House prospects worsening

Roll Call: Castle May Benefit From Delaware’s Affection for Long Political Resumes

National Journal: Salmonella Strains Found In Feed At Two Iowa Farms

Gallup.Com: Americans Oppose Renewing U.S. Combat Operations in Iraq

Talking Points Memo: Meet Joe Miller: The Alaska Tea Partier Who Has Dems Licking Their Lips

Politics Daily: Ken Mehlman, Ex-RNC Chair and Bush Campaign Chief, Says He’s Gay

The New Republic: Defending ‘The Unnecessary Fall of Barack Obama’

The Daily Caller: Libby Residents Relate Gains, Drawbacks of Asbestos aid

Foreign Policy: The U.N. Security Council’s great disappearing act