Today’s Most Popular Stories 03.31.10

Each day, Ashley Estill surfs your sites for the most popular stories of the day. Here are the top headlines for March 31, 2010:

Washington Post: For a look outside presidential bubble, Obama reads 10 personal letters each day

Washington Times: CROWLEY: Enemies of the state

Washington Examiner: Noemie Emery: Dems break spirit of law when enacting law

USA Today: Sandra Bullock lies low after a tough month

CQ Politics: New York GOP Taps Murphy Challenger

The Hill: GOP leaders seek to distance themselves from Michael Steele

Politico: President Obama’s new push meets Capitol Hill resistance

ABC News: Teen Party Crashers Allegedly Cause $45,000 Worth of Damage to House

CBS News: Report: Sandra Bullock Wants Stepdaughter

Fox News: Colorado Girl, 12, Missing Since Sunday

MSNBC News: 1 in 4 will need health decisions made for them

CNN: Dead Marine’s father ordered to pay protesters’ legal costs

Wall Street Journal: AT&T Prepares Network For Battle

NPR: I Pledge Allegiance To Linguistic Obfuscation

Roll Call: Hutchison Will Complete Senate Term

National Journal: Centrists Signal Openness To Drilling Plan

Bloomberg News: California Debt Beats Greece’s in Bond Sales: Credit Markets

Gallup.Com: Blame Spread Around for Post-Healthcare Vandalism, Threats

Talking Points Memo: Toby Keith Joins LL Cool J In Slamming Sarah Palin’s Fox News Special

Politics Daily: Criminal Probe Targets Former Chairman of Florida GOP

Reuters: Government set to unveil offshore drilling plan

The New Republic: The Essence of Anarchy