Today’s Most Popular Stories 2.22.11

Every afternoon we surf your sites for the most popular stories of the day. Here are the top headlines for February 22, 2011:

Washington Post: Suicide turns attention to Fairfax discipline procedures

Washington Times: Iranians hack into VOA website

Washington Examiner: In Wisconsin, the gap widens between GOP and Dems

USA Today: Pirates kill 4 Americans aboard hijacked yacht

The Hill: Freshman Republican to Senate: Get to work to avert shutdown

Politico: Ex-aide’s book paints harsh portrait of Sarah Palin

Roll Call: Some Lobbyists Ask NRSC to Push Ensign Out

National Journal: Wisconsin Starting to Look Like an Undercard

Talking Points Memo: Dems And Republicans Up The Ante For Government Shutdown

Politics Daily: Lara Logan Assault: For Female Reporters, the Added Peril of Turbulent Places

The New Republic: Slideshow: Ten Budget Amendments You Weren’t Expecting

The Daily Caller: Wisconsin’s teachers make a little more money than they’re letting on