Today’s Most Popular Stories 11.29.10

Every afternoon we surf your sites for the most popular stories of the day. Here are the top headlines for November 29, 2010:

Washington Post: Foreign governments say WikiLeaks revelations undercut relations with U.S.

Washington Times: GM’s union recovering after stock sale

Washington Examiner: Mask-wearing protestors in D.C. can now be arrested

USA Today: Alarm over U.S. debt creates ‘window’ for tough choices

The Hill: Homeland Security seizes domain names

Politico: WikiLeaks reveals U.S. diplomatic secrets

Roll Call: New Members to Descend on Harvard for Policy-Heavy Orientation

National Journal: WikiLeaks: One Analyst, So Many Documents

Talking Points Memo: Bomb, Bomb Iran: The Top 5 Most Shocking Things About The Wikileaks

Politics Daily: Leaking of Secret U.S. Cables Sparks Diplomacy Crisis

The New Republic: To Mobilize the Indies, We Need Stronger Unions

The Daily Caller: McCain compares Palin to Reagan