Today’s Most Popular Stories 11.21.11

Every afternoon we surf your sites for the most popular stories of the day. Here are the top headlines for November 21, 2011:

Washington Post: Carolyn Hax: What happens when parents go broke during their golden years

Washington Times: Leading senators: Kagan may have to recuse herself from health case

Washington Examiner: Report: Maryland, D.C. lag in reporting mental health records to gun-check database

USA Today: U.S. woman mauled by chimp praised for new face

NPR: Would The World Be Better Off Without Religion?

Real Clear Politics: Carney On Super Committee: GOP “Unwilling” To Do What American People Want

The Hill: Boehner blames Obama for failure of supercommittee to reach a deal

Politico: Gillespie sees a drawn-out GOP 2012 race

Roll Call: Deficit Deal Impasse Threatens Key Initiatives

National Journal: Former Democratic Pollsters: Obama Should Abandon Run for Second Term

The New Republic: Limbaugh’s Real Problem with Romneycare (and Obamacare)

The Daily Caller: Limbaugh: Michelle Obama NASCAR booing a recognition of ‘uppity-ism’ [AUDIO]