Toby Young: On Being Edited By Claudia Schiffer


Emily Hill interviews the irascible Toby Young, Graydon Carter’s worst staffing mistake in The Spiked Review of Books. As the holidays are a season for reflection, Ms.Hill took the swishy Status Anxiety columnist from The Spectator to an affordable vegetarian Indian restaurant in West London to ask the former Conde Nasty has any regrets from his time in the New York media fishbowl. From Spiked-Online:

”I ask him whether there are things that he would no longer do — and he instantly mentions the jetset superstar journalism gigs, such as flying off to LA to interview Sharon Stone and then writing it up on the plane home. ‘I was interviewing [supermodel] Claudia Schiffer in the Four Seasons in New York,’ he says. At the end of the interview, Young, trying his luck, said: ‘So Claudia, do you wanna go for a drink?”’

”He recalls what happened next: ‘Nawwww,’ she replied, in her pinched German accent. ‘Nowww I take my little red pencil, and go through the article I have copy approval on and cross out anything I don’t like.’ ‘Ah,’ I said, ‘but you don’t have copy approval over mine.’ And she said, ‘Awwww, they didn’t tell you …?’ Great, I thought, so I’m now being edited by a f-cking model. And they didn’t even tell me.”’

Full interview here.

(image via bbc)