TNR On All You Young Luke Russert Haters

In a new profile, The New Republic helpfully explains why you don’t like Luke Russert, young journalists. Because YOU ARE NOT HIM and you are jealous (and you all live in Shaw and make no money)!

Like most of us needed a reminder that we don’t have dads with famous names.

In a profile that is sometimes as clunky as it is unrevealing, TNR’s Noreen Malone really doesn’t shed much light on Luke Russert the man—at least not anything we didn’t already know and certainly not as much as a profile of this length should (she does, however, get a swipe in at FishbowlDC—but we can at least respect she’s willing to put her name behind the criticism, most aren’t).

We also get the sense that Malone is kind of Team Luke.

Some highlights:

  • Russert senior’s funeral, at which Luke spoke affectingly and with poise…
  • His son shares a lot of those qualities: the confidence, the exuberance, the dudely dudeliness, the obsession with Springsteen and the Buffalo Bills and with the authenticity they confer…
  • Tall and broad both of shoulder and forehead (note: is that a compliment?)
  • …his voice takes on a studied, deeper, news-anchor timbre.
  • Russert can be very charming.
  • Chivalry, or something like it, has been his downfall at least once.
  • …Russert replied with a rather unsubtle reminder of his nice-Catholic-boy-ness.
  • …who also praised his hard work and dogged reporting…
  • He also can sound older than his years when talking about climbing the ladder.

Noteable: The only two on-the-record sources for this piece we saw directly attributed are Russert’s mom and “close friend, Politico’s Jake Sherman.” Everyone else, good and bad—anonymous.