If you swim in the shallow end of Washington’s intellectual circles (aka: gossip), then you may have spent Friday meeting with’s Harvey Levin, who quietly snuck into town to interview people for his next gig:

Yes, apparently there’s room for even more gossip mongers.

You’ll recall that TMZ broke such stories as of Mel Gibson’s drunk driving arrest, Nicole Richie driving on the wrong side of the freeway, Michael Richards’ scary stand-up performance, Miss USA scandals and plenty of Britney Spears crotch shots.

We can tell some of what we’re hearing about Levin’s project, which he’s hoping to launch sooner rather than later:

  • will be prominently linked from, which is, by most yardsticks, the most popular entertainment website in the world.

  • Levin is shooting for an audience outside, not inside, the Beltway. Fun ideas include things like this “Separated at Birth” -like comparison of Sen. Barack Obama and Will Smith, which generated over 200 comments.

  • To give you a flavor of the kind of stories TMZDC will work on, here are some of the examples we’ve heard (all true, apparently):

    -A certain congresswoman hurling on the floor of the House of Representatives

    -A pilot who kicked off a congressmen (and his luggagge) from the plane for refusing to get off his cell phone.

    -A certain tall White House reporter who stuffed a certain petite White House reporter into an overhead bin.

  • And yes: is already taken.