TJ Maxx Has $399 iPads

TJ Maxx is selling 16GB iPads for $399. A TJ Maxx shopper posted his find on the company’s website in a section called “Maxx Finds” in which shoppers can share their bargain basement finds.

A poster named hxc gamer posted a photo of the receipt for a $399 iPad purchased at a store in Edgewater, NJ.

Engadget dug a little deeper to find out what other stores have the deal: “We made a couple phone calls and found some at stores in Ohio and New Jersey (including one who said they were holding their stock back for Black Friday) while we struck out in other parts of the country. Still, if you’re looking to drop cash on one of these guys, we’d make a quick call to your local outlet before heading to the Apple Store.”

The 16GB iPads retail for $499 in Apple stores.