Tis The Season For Wedding Tips

getmarried.pngThese days, everyone is cutting back. But one place where people refuse to scrimp is on their wedding. So it comes as no surprise that in this time of shuttered publications, cut-backs and layoffs, we can see an announcement of the launch of a new wedding magazine this fall, a new wedding-themed website for grooms and even a fellow member of the media Twittering through his wedding planning.

Get Married recently announced it was adding a semiannual magazine to its wedding planning Web site and Lifetime television show. The magazine, which will debut in October, will be sent to readers, bridal retailers, shows and vendors for free. Although the magazine will bring in some revenue through ads, earnings from the Web and television offerings will mostly offset the cost, said Becca Brett Leish, Get Married’s director of marketing and communications.

“We are offering ad opportunities in the magazine but the ad rates, compared to other national magazines, are much less,” Leish said. “The show and the magazine both drive brides and users to the Web site and that’s where we are monetizing content.”

Get Married magazine is led by executive editor Stephanie Davis, who formerly served as editor in chief of skirt!. She will work closely with Jill Meister, the editor-in-chief of GetMarried.com as well as producers for the television series in order to integrate content across all three mediums.

Read on for more news about new media approaches to wedding planning

We also recently learned about the launch of a new wedding planning Web site for men only. Edited by Jeff Wilser, author of upcoming book “The Maxims of Manhood,” ThePlunge.com promises to offer men advice on getting engaged, getting hitched or simply being a groomsman — all in a voice men can relate to. And with articles like “Bachelor Party Ethics: How Far Is Too Far?”, this wedding site is sure to offer the type of wedding etiquette tips that you really can’t find anywhere else — as well as the type of insight brides might want to avoid.

For our money, the most honest voice in wedding planning today is that of Politco.com writer Patrick W. Gavin on his Twitter feed (@pwgavin).

Using the hashtag #dudeido, Gavin has been Tweeting his experiences, and advice for grooms-to-be, since his engagement in April. One recent favorite: “Lesson #136 in #dudeido: I’d rather not take dancing lessons, but I do think that fiancee and I should practice ‘kiss the bride’ moves.”

“My goal with #dudeido simply began as (and still remains) a fun way to share some observations and anecdotes from my own wedding planning process with my fiancee,” Gavin told us via email. However, there has been some Twitter chatter about possibly turning his ruminations into a book, and Gavin encourages any interested parties to get in touch with him.

A book filled with witty wedding advice from a man’s point of view? Sounds like a little something new, something old, something borrowed and … something blue.