Tired of Twitter?

From Slate

We are. They are too.

NYT’s Alessandra Stanley had a great piece this weekend “What Are You Doing? Media Twitterers Can’t Stop Typing,” in which she says the narcissistic Twitter “tic” is “most noticeable and pernicious in television personalities, especially cable news stars who are already on the screen and the Web around the clock. The camera forces vanity on even the most modest correspondents, and vanity, once fueled, is almost impossible to extinguish.”

Over at the Daily Beast, Mark McKinnon says it’s time to Twitter the f%$k up. “But this week in Washington D.C., Twitter jumped the shark when, to great fanfare, members of the mainstream-media elite announced they had been baptized and would from now on be holding forth from Twitterdom, and then members of Congress Twittered President Obama’s speech… Now, I’m totally down with Ana Marie Cox, the original Wonkette, being the reigning journalism media queen of Twitter. She’s young and hip and all-things-new-media. But, Joe Barton is, well, not. If Joe Barton is Twittering, I’m thinking maybe Ana Marie may be on the next idea. And if members of Congress are Twittering, we can be fairly certain it won’t be hip much longer.”

And one more piece on Twitter… from Variety’s Ted Johnson “Twitter taking over D.C.

So we ask you… DC journo Twitterers, for the people or self-serving?

Are Twittering DC journos…
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