Tips to End Summer Internships on a High Note

Okay, so today’s posts are dedicated to recent college grads and interns but no worries, on Monday we’ll make sure the rest of the work force isn’t out of the loop with job stories.

Many interns across the country may be wrapping up their internship today if they haven’t done so already.

According to The New York Post, there are a few things to keep in mind to wrap things up in a pretty bow and more importantly, leave things positively for relationship building and potential employment opportunities.

It’s all about demonstrating enthusiasm and a go get ’em attitude by specifically stating what you’re looking for. And technically this shouldn’t really be too different than the attitude you’ve hopefully exuded all summer long.

Greg Giangrande, human resources executive in the media industry, writes in the piece:

“Regardless of which impression you’ve made, send a well-crafted, thoughtful thank-you note (email is fine) to everyone with whom you’ve worked — particularly your supervisor and the other key people who were involved in your program.

Say that you’d like to return, and see if you can speak to someone in human resources, too, about the process for applying for a job after graduation. Then stay in touch with your key contacts throughout your senior year. I remember one intern who started a countdown on her Web site for the number of days until she could return as an employee. Employers like enthusiasm for their company — not just attitude or desire for a job. Good luck, kids.”