Tina Brown: ‘We’re All So OD’d On Lifestyle’

tina_brown_071107.jpgThe first-time author and former editor of the failed Talk talked to us about her The Diana Chronicles (“Q: What would Diana be doing now if she’s lived? Brown: Aside from having her first facelift?”), Brad Pitt intrigue and her own kaleidoscopic career trajectory:

What’s been your biggest disappointment?

Well, obviously, I was disappointed when Talk folded only because the point at which when Talk folded was the same point at which S.I. Newhouse considered folding Vanity Fair in 1985. I’d been with Vanity Fair for a year and a half when Condé Nast thought it wasn’t building fast enough and didn’t show any signs of traction. It was a real moment when it was going to be folded until I begged for another six months to show them what I could do. With Talk, we were 17 percent up in advertising in those last three issues. The circulation was climbing. We had a very difficult launch, but it got really good in those last six months. It was a real shame that it wasn’t allowed to continue.

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