Timex Promotes iPod-Linked Watch in Podcast

Timex is targeting fitness buffs with a new podcast campaign for its Ironman iControl watch, a timepiece that can wirelessly control the owner’s iPod, according to MediaPost (warning—serious marketing speak ahead):


“The 15- and 30-second spots will run on Podrunner, a weekly podcast of workout music mixes by Los Angeles DJ Steve Boyett, one of the well over a million podcasts on VoloMedia’s network. Podrunner’s mix of tribal, percussion-based, fixed-tempo tracks earned it honors as one of iTunes’ ‘Best Podcasts of 2007,’ and made it a perfect match for Timex’s target—18- to-35-year-old men and women who listen to high-energy music during their workouts.”

If you ask us, the watch doesn’t seem like a very good use of $125; you’ll still have wires for your earbuds, you’ll still have the iPod, and now you’ll also have this to control the iPod. Why not get an inexpensive iPod Nano Armband or other velcrofest that keeps the actual device nearby and bypass the extra geekery?