Time’s Poniewozik On The Impact Of SNL On The Election

What was the impact of the Obama-Clinton Saturday Night Live skits on the Ohio and Texas elections? It would be impossible to calibrate precisely that answer, but on today’s To The Point on NPR, Time magazine TV critic James Poniewozik talked about Presidential candidates navigating the perilous waters of the late night comedy shows. ”Hillary doesn’t really want it to look like SNL is part of the campaign or SNL is carrying water for her,” James Poniewozik argued, but came down on the side that her appearance on the show generally helped her campaign. ”It kind of fell a little flat when (Senator Clinton made the SNL reference in the debate) … it’s a funny point, and it’s a valid point, but it’s not something that the candidate might want to say,” concluded Poniewozik.

”It showed that SNL — all these cool comedians — agreed that (the media) was piling on her.” journalist Leslie Savan added.

James Poniewozik delves deeper into this subject on the Time magazine blog here.