Time‘s Luscombe Weighs In On Murdoch’s Pay Wall Plans

murdoch wef.pngDavid Carr of The New York Times already had his say about Rupert Murdoch’s plans charge for all his newspapers’ and news channels’ content on the Web. Now, Time magazine’s Belinda Luscombe is weighing in as well.

Like Carr, Luscombe is skeptical about Murdoch’s intentions. “Internet experts say that almost everybody who has ever tried charging for content has failed,” she reports. “Murdoch is out of touch, they suggest.”

But, Murdoch’s track record seems to indicate that it’s possible he might follow through: “Murdoch has shown himself more than willing to lose staggering amounts of money and engage in litigation in order to see his vision through or lay siege to his competitors…Plus, with his cable operations showing robust growth, he has a cushion that few of his newspaper competitors possess,” Luscombe said.

And, there’s nothing Murdoch loves more than leading the charge, and profiting from it. “If Murdoch can somehow figure out how to make money while other news companies wither in advertising-only models, he could have a little monopoly,” she said, which is probably a big factor in his decision to pursue the pay wall tactic.

Murdoch has said that he will start charging for content by July of next year. Now we join Carr and Luscombe in waiting to see how it will all unfold.

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