Time Special Publication Picks Their ‘Design 100’


Just recently launched is Time Magazine’s special publication, Style & Design‘s “The Design 100,” a list of the most impressive or influential things found in the industry. It’s a great list to browse through, from packaging to architecture. We particularly like, in the Kitchen & Table section, the Tovolo Ice Cream Scoop, which we believe doubles as an effective weapon as well (and for just $6, how could you possibly pass it up?). While the writing about each object or destination is extremely sparse and some of their selections, like with any “magazine ranks design stuff” feature, feel a tad bit like the editors were just quickly gathering up stuff they’d heard about the past couple of days, overall, it’s a fun time. Oh, though we had one more complaint with their intro: “Good design is everywhere these days. Great design — the objects, places and ideas that fuse functionality and aesthetics and then push the boundaries a step further to capture the imagination — is more elusive.” What is that?! “Good design is everywhere these days?” What’s been going on for the past, say, whole of human history? We officially take the role in apologizing for designers everywhere, for only now just getting things right in April of 2007. And no reference to places like, say, Pentagram, for, you know, re-designing Time Magazine itself? Hmph. But, eh, you’ve got to start the piece somewhere, right?