Time Names Barnes & Noble’s Nook Second Best Gadget of the Year


While the move caused some some grumbling among tech folks on Twitter, Barnes & Noble’s Nook reader was named the second-best gadget of the year on Time magazine’s annual list. Since most people won’t get a copy until after the holidays, here are reviews from Engadget and TeleRead.

Here’s more from the post: “It’s the stuff around and behind the screen that makes the Nook cool. Like that color touchscreen right below it, adding some flair and speed to go with the poky, drab E Ink display…The Nook also comes with a classy book-lending feature: you can let other people read your Nook books for up to two weeks, just like paper books. Price: $260.”

The number one spot went to Motorola Droid, a smartphone running on Google’ Android platform–a system with its own digital reading app and 120,000 readers. The iPhone 3GS lagged behind at fourth place–another hub for smartphone readership. Follow this link to read more about the Nook.