Time Lists 50 Best Inventions

For tomorrow’s inventions issue, Time magazine has listed the 50 best ideas/products for us all to gawk at and then describe to our friends so that they think we’re smarter than we actually are.

There are inventions in the issue that you’d expect — Siri, for one — but the fun stuff is reading about the things that catch you completely off-guard. Below are a few that we enjoyed. Discuss these at your next dinner party and you’ll instantly be on the cutting edge of talking about things that you don’t understand.

  • A razor made with corrosion-resistant material and blades that are 5,000 times thinner than a human hair. It lasts 20 years! But costs $100,000.
  • Wearable cat ears that read your brain and react to your emotions, just like our feline friends. Why would you want this? Why wouldn’t you want this?

  • A wand that can put out fires simply by waving it in the air. This is a perfect gift for someone who has yet to master the modern gas stove.
  • A car that can go 1,000 miles per hour. For all those times you think, “You know, I’d really enjoy hurtling to my death in a steel cage on wheels.”
  • An interactive mirror that will tell you the news, read your schedule and more. It will (hopefully) also tell you that you look fabulous even if you don’t.