Time 100: The Covers

time100euro RSCG.jpgTime Inc.’s getting into this whole Internet thing in a big way. The latest venture online involves the always exciting Time 100 issue. In addition to putting the entire list online, the mag commissioned covers from design firms around the world and whittled the list down to five finalists. (What a great use of the World Wide Web!) Chip Kidd leads the way with two entries, but our fave — an inspired mashup from Euro RSCG — is above.

Time also allowed the masses to rank 207 influential people, once again proving there’s stupidity in numbers. (Eliot Spitzer 14th? Novak Djokovic 10 spots ahead of Roger Federer? David Petraeus two spots behind David Sedaris The Dali Lama dead last?)

Additional covers after the jump.

Chip Kidd | Chip Kidd 2

James Victore | Neville Brody