Tim Russert: I’ll Need NBC’s Permission To Appear On Imus

So now that Don Imus has broken the surly bonds of career limbo and is returning to the air, important questions remain.

Like whether Imus BFF Tim Russert will ever go back to chatting on air with the man in the cowboy hat.

Aaron Barnhart, the Kansas City Star‘s television critic, asked Russert whether he would ever appear on Imus’ show again.

Russert replied:

Well, I believe he learned a lot from what happened… He told me as much. I don’t know what Citadel and NBC’s policies are… I don’t know. But if he asked me to come back and talk about political developments, I would absolutely do that.. But I guess I’ll have to check with the folks at NBC. But I will, if I’m asked.

(Thanks to Chickaboomer for pointing this our way.)