Tim O’Kennedy Resigns as D&AD’s CEO, to be Replaced by Tim Lindsay


Hot off the heels of last week’s annual award show, the D&AD has announced a major change within its leadership. Just over two years after taking the position, Tim O’Kennedy has decided to resign as CEO, passing the torch over to Tim Lindsay, who joined the D&AD just this last September, coming on as a member of the organization’s Executive Committee. The official switch will happen sometime in August, with it all made official and formal at the D&AD President’s Dinner in late September. Presumably at that time, there will be some joke at that event about how the D&AD only wants to be led by people named Tim. Here’s a bit from the two Tims:

Tim O’Kennedy said: “Some years back, I made a deal with my other half: if the right career opportunity presented itself to her, I would take a back seat, look after the kids, and let her get on with it. That day has come: I’m proud of and happy for her, of course, but I do feel great regret about leaving D&AD at what seems like the beginning of a golden period for us. I think Tim’s exactly the right guy to continue the drive to better places. I also hope to be able to stay involved in some way, as my time at D&AD has completely underscored my belief in what we do around here.”

Tim Lindsay said: “I feel extremely fortunate to be chosen by D&AD as its next CEO, particularly as Tim O’Kennedy and his team have done so much great work over the last couple of years. It’s a dream job, in a wonderful organisation.”