TigerDirect to Carry the Nook Touch, Nook Color

Late last week Barnes & Noble announced that it had signed up another retailer.

TigerDirect, one of the major electronics retailers in the US, will be carrying both of B&N’s current eReaders. It will also be selling them via CompUSA, its wholly owned subsidiary. Customers will find the eBook readers both on the websites as well as in store. Both models will be accompanied by a variety of cases and accessories.

While this is all very good news for Barnes & Noble, it’s not the news we’re interested in. B&N announced this new deal the day after someone leaked details about its new eReader, the Nook Tablet. eBookNewser is sitting outside of a B&N store right now, waiting to attend a press event. We are expecting to have Barnes & Noble confirm the Nook Tablet, which should be shipping in a couple weeks.