Tidbits: The Daily, State Farm Rage, The Watchdog, A Man Sleeping at Macy’s, and More

News Corp.’s iPad “newspaper” The Daily launches next Wednesday.

People detest the State Farm spokesguy Eddie Matos (above). Slate doesn’t like him, people have gone to the State Farm YouTube channel to call him a “douche,” and there’s an “I Hate State Farm Guy” Facebook page that’s particularly brutal. Poor Eddie Matos.

New blog The Watchdog launches on The Huffington Post to track how regulatory agencies impact people in their daily lives.

Journalistics offers advice on how to “think like a reporter for more PR wins.”

P&G is promoting Downy as a sleep aid with comedian Mike Birbiglia bunking in the window at NYC’s Macy’s at Herald Square all week.  The live feed is on the Downy Facebook page.

The Black Eyed Peas’ will.i.am is now also Intel’s director of creative innovation. He will work with Intel on a variety of devices and products and is creating music for the company.

[Image via BNet.]