Tidbits: Facebook Fans, Jay Carney, ‘Vanity Fair,’ Verizon iPhone

Vanity Fair takes a stab at diversity with this year’s Hollywood issue cover. There was backlash to last year’s cover because it didn’t feature people of different ages or people of color. Image via Huffington Post.

Webtrends, a social marketing and and analytics firm, has determined the cost of gaining a Facebook fan at $1.07. The finding is based on research into Facebook advertising. The company also found that people are clicking on Facebook ads with less frequency. “On Facebook, the magic of marketing happens when brands activate their fans in ways that inspire people to share those messages with their friends,” Facebook spokesman Brandon McCormick told the Wall Street Journal. Sounds like… PR.

The Daily Beast’s Lloyd Grove speaks to White House reporters and former press secretaries about Jay Carney’s new role. The article discusses the new comms and press department structure and what the impact of not being an “insider” will be.

An AOL survey of teen and tween girls found that Miley Cyrus was the worst role model of the year. This is the second time Cyrus has held the title. This year she beat out Lindsey Lohan and Demi Lovato, who were both in rehab and/or jail.

AT&T sent an e-mail to customers touting its iPhone 4 service. The Verizon iPhone goes on sale tomorrow.