Three Ways to Botch a Job Interview

job searchHave you ever tried to wing it during a job interview? How’d that go for you? Not too well, probably.

Well, according to Marc Cosentino, author of Case In Point: Complete Case Interview Preparation, there are a few common blunders people make during job interviews.

Per a piece on Business Insider, he pointed out several ways to avoid being that guy or gal.

1. You studied for it like a test. Sure, you can read and prepare all you want but it’s not enough to fully get amped up for the interview. His advice? Practice with real consultants or career advisors ahead of time.

Keep a notepad readily available as you practice so you can write down problems, solutions as well as what you forgot to articulate. This will help build your interviewing skills to reflect on strengths and weaknesses.

2. You didn’t stay up to date with economy and industry news. This is a big one. Definitely read the front pages of various newspapers and scroll headlines on various websites. The author’s recommendations include CNBC, Satellite Radio, Business Insider alerts, McKinsey Quarterly and “cutting edge stuff” written by practitioners.

3. You didn’t warm up the morning of the interview. If you’ve ever watched Wimbledon or any professional sporting match, of course you’ll see players warming up. The same holds true for your interview. You can’t just step onto the court and start playing, you have to loosen up first. Before stepping foot into the office, try warm up questions.

Per the piece, Cosentino points out, “No Major League Baseball player ever stepped up to the plate without batting practice. You don’t want to warm up during the interview.”