Three Ways Infographics are Being Used These Days

Infographics everywhere! Who doesn’t love a story chock full of both information and pictures?

With so many people creating infographics these days, we asked Zubin Mowlavi, CEO of Lucid Fusion to outline the top three ways infographics are being used by companies as part of their outreach campaigns. Lucid Fusion is a Southern California digital agency that specializes in product launches, brand awareness, and does other marcomms work. He responds after the jump.

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Top Three Ways Infographics are Currently Being Used by Zubin Mowlavi, CEO of Lucid Fusion

1.     Establishing Thought Leadership: In many industries, there are trending topics or new compliance measures that are often difficult to understand.  By developing an infographic that accurately and attractively explains the topic or the compliance process, a business can establish itself as a leader within the industry.

2.     Generating viral content: As an integral part of any content marketing plan, infographics serve as a viral piece of content that can be used to increase brand awareness and engagement.  And as they are virtually adaptable to any platform, they can easily be distributed in print form or shared amongst social networks.  Additionally, if created in digital form with embedded links, the infographic can drive traffic to the brand website.

3.     Telling a business story: Because infographics communicate complex data visually, businesses have learned to use infographics to weave a compelling narrative about their offerings for information presentation.  Businesses can shape how the story unfolds through engrossing design, copy, and imagery.