Three Unique Ways to Rock the Interview (For Starters, Ditch the Coffee Cup)

judgeIf you’re looking to spice up that interview and completely become polished from head to toe, listen up. According to this piece on U.S. News & World Report, there are a few slight changes to make to really sparkle.

1. Ditch the perfume or cologne. That’s right, minimize things that distract your interviewer. An overdose on perfume or cologne, no matter how pleasant smelling, will be distracting. Plus, if the interviewer isn’t exactly fond of your scent, he or she may not want to spend time with you. It’s game over before it began.

2. Keep a clean bag. Whether you’re wearing a briefcase or purse, ensure it’s tidy. Keep it zipped and carry it on the shoulder opposite of the hand used for shaking. The piece points out a messy bag could create negative impressions of your candidacy.

3. Eliminate that cup of coffee. Even if you’re at a networking event, don’t have a drink in hand. If you need to stay hydrated, no worries there — just keep a closed water bottle tucked away in your briefcase or purse. Think of it this way: You reduce the chances of spilling a beverage on the interviewer when your hands are beverage-free.