Three Big Thumbs Down

Pollice Verso

Three big thumbs downs (or as they say on Fox 5 in New York, “Shame, shame, shame!”) to share today:

  • A big thumbs down for the tipster who sent us the info about layoffs at Steinreich, which we are told is inaccurate.
  • A big thumbs down for Steinreich president Stan Steinreich, who waited until after the story was published to contact us to tell us that his company has hired five people in the past month, not laid off seven, and that the offices in New York, LA, and DC have not closed. Yes, he waited until after the story was published, despite multiple requests for comment spaced out over more than 24 hours.
  • And, yes, a thumbs down for us. We ran the story, we need to eat our humble pie (despite running out of thumbs, pies, and plums–if that is how the rhyme goes). It’s a blog. Sometimes people lie to bloggers (shocking!). It happens, but ultimately it’s our fault, and we apologize for the error. But if you have any more information, please contact us.