Three Asus T91 Models All Sound Cool: But, Asus Should Simplify Their Netbook Line

I’ve bought two Asus Eee PC netbooks (and one Aspire One) so far and consider both to be great products. So, I have no axe to grind regarding Asus. But, doesn’t it seem like they way too many netbook models? And, if all those models are confusing for tech geeks, imagine how confusing it is for non-techie consumers. So, what do you think about this news from

T91A, T91go, T91: three versions of the T91, says ASUS UK

Three versions of the T91? Asus might make things simpler for those of is the U.S. But, then again, they could decide to introduce a few more models here too just to make things interesting. According to, here’s how the three models are different:

T91: Single touch screen
T91GO: 3G wireless data, GPS, and digital TV
T91A: Multi-touch screen

The multi-touch T91A runs Windows 7 (the others are based on Windows XP). So, we won’t be seeing the T91A until later this year. All models have 8.9 inch displays with 1024×600 pixel resolution. And, Asus is sticking the Atom Z520 processor that we’ve seen Dell use in their mid-range netbooks (the higher end Dell mini units use the Z530).

If Apple doesn’t introduce some kind of “netpad” device this fall, the T91A is now high on my list of netbooks to consider buying.