Thomson Reuters Product Lets Companies Bring Announcements Home


Press release distribution needs to get with the times; so says Thomson Reuters, which recently launched a product to let companies publish announcements to their sites instead of via third party services.

The new product, called Web Disclosure, will save companies time and money, and take information “straight from the source” into the marketplace, said Steve Roycroft, Global Head of Corporate Services, Thomson Reuters in an interview with PRNewser. And it could change the landscape for both IR and PR, he said.

In addition to eliminating issues such as press releases going out on wires before being posted on company websites, the product gives control back to the companies, which are investing more in their websites, he said. “I think it’ll improve the flow of information to the marketplace.”

The new model incorporates the ability to reach multiple channels at once, draw people to the company’s website, and monitor how they use and understand the information made available to them, he explained. Real time feedback means the ability to see where the communications go right, and where they go wrong, he said. “You can address that, and you can do it more intuitively and at a faster clip.”

As for the wires, that means they too will need to continue evolving, as their revenue models have traditionally been largely tied to distribution fees, he said. “That business model has changed.”